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    Check out Daymond John's measurement video for step by step instructions on how to find your perfect size. All you need is the clothes you already have, a tape measure, a pen… and well, a body.

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    You probably nailed your measurements but just to be absolutely, positively sure… Take a look at the measurement guide and sizing charts, reference your height and weight, and verify you got them right.

    Measurement Guide (PDF)
    Size Guide (PDF)

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    Once you verify your sizes, all you have to do is enter them online when you place your order. That’s it! If there’s a question, just call our Fit Specialists at 844-784-8087. You’re going to look good... correction, you’re going to look great.

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It‘ll fit, guaranteed

We pinky promise these measurement steps will get you a perfect fit. But just to be extra safe, we’ll send your order out a week before your event so we can overnight any alterations if we need to.

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Here to help

We're here to help! Please contact using one of the methods below.